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2022 Tournament Rules



  1. In pool play: Home team will be decided by a coin flip before each game at each site.  Submit three printed lineups with full names, numbers, and positions of all players and subs.
  2. Bracket Play: Home team will be the higher seeded team, if the 2 highest seeds or similar seeds advance to the championship game then the home team will be decided by a coin toss.
  3. No protests are allowed.
  4. Time Limits: Games will be no new inning after 1:30. Ties will be not allowed.
  5. Mercy Rule: If a team is ahead by 10 runs or more after 5 innings the game will be called.
  6. **INTERNATIONAL RULE** After seven (7) full innings, the visiting team will put the last player who recorded an out to occupy 2nd base. The same will go for the home team and play will continue until the game is completed.
  7. The home or host team will provide the official scorekeeper.
  8. Batting practice, machines, will not be permitted before the game and will not be against any fences.
  9. Any questions/concerns, by coaches only, should be directed to the Tournament Director.
    Richard Robles -  Cell 714-785-8747


  1. Pool Play Games:Home team will be decided by a “flip of the coin” 15 minutes prior to game time. Bracket Games: Higher seed is the home team. For JV, if 2 teams are the same seed a coin flip will determine home team. Please submit three printed line-ups with first and last names, numbers, and positions of all players and substitutes.
  2. Team dugouts will be determined by your placement on the bracket.  Teams listed first in pool play, will have the first base side, while teams  listed last in pool play, will have the third base side. If a team has “back to back” games on the same field, it is not necessary for them to vacate the dugout that they are already occupying.
  3. No protests are allowed.  If any discrepancy of rules or problems occurs, contact the Tournament Director or his/her designee before play is resumed or all decisions are final.
  4. All games will be regulation seven (7) innings or no new inning is to start after one (1) hour and thirty (30) minutes of play unless the game is tied.  Tie games go into international tie-breaker rule at the start of the eighth inning.  Time limits will be eliminated for the Championship game.
  5. INTERNATIONAL RULE  After seven (7) full innings, beginning at the top of the eighth (8), the visiting team will put the last player to bat at second base.  Play will continue until three (3) outs are made.  At the bottom of the eighth (8) the home team will follow with the same procedure.  After nine (9) full innings, beginning at the top of the tenth (10), the visiting team will put the last player to bat at third base.  Play will continue until three (3) outs are made.  At the bottom of the tenth (10) the home team will follow with the same procedure.  This procedure will continue until the game is completed and one team has scored.  The home team will still have their turn at bat if the visiting team should score in their first half of an inning.
  6. RUN AHEAD RULE: If either team is ahead by eight (8) runs or more after five (5) innings, the game will be called.  The run ahead rule will be eliminated in the Championship game.
  7. The home team will provide official scorekeepers.  Please, when making any substitutions, be sure to notify umpires and official scorekeepers.  Also, it would be advantageous to have your scorekeeper check with the official scorekeeper when there is more than one substitute.
  8. Two umpires will be provided for Varsity games, and one umpire will be provided for Junior Varsity games.
  9. The tournament will provide two softballs per game.
  10. Any form of batting practice will be permitted before the game.
  11. Courtesy runners for Pitcher & Catcher of record.
  12. CIF rules apply in addition to tournament rules.
  13. IF YOU CANNOT MAKE A SCHEDULED TOURNAMENT GAME YOU MUST NOTIFY THE OPPOSING TEAM AND THE TOURNAMENT STAFF AT LEAST 24 HOURS IN ADVANCE.  If a team forfeits a game without 24 hours notice, that team will be responsible for the umpire fees (full amount without 24 hour notice), as well as the transportation costs incurred by the opposing team.
  14. Varsity Pool Play, games can end in a tie.  Tiebreakers for seeding: (1) head to head competition, (2) total run differential, (3) total most runs scored, (4) least total runs allowed, (5) coin flip. JV Pool Play Games, there must be a winner.
  15. ALL-TOURNAMENT TEAM AWARDS: Coaches will nominate their top five (5)
    position players to the tournament director after their 2 pool play games. In order to be
    considered for MVP or All-tournament award the team must have the player’s stats available on
    the Game Changer app from the tournament games.


GAME TIME LIMIT: 1 Hr 45 Min (No new)

HOME TEAM: Coin flip at pregame

DUGOUTS: 1st team listed (or top of bracket) has 1st base dugout

GAME TIEBREAKTER RULE: If tied at time limit, or after 7 innings, Runner at 2nd in 8th, then at 3rd in 9th or later.

MERCY RULE: 10 run lead after 4 innings, or 8 run lead after 5

HELMETS: Coaches must wear helmets at 1st and 3rd

PREGAME: ANY form of pregame hitting is permitted

DESIGNATED PLAYERS: Courtesy runners for P and C

SCORE REPORTS: BOTH teams return score form to Field Desk

PROTESTS NO PROTESTS ARE ALLOWED: However, a GOLD BRACKET SEMIFINAL/FINAL issue may be presented To Tournament Director. An impartial coaches panel MAY be formed to resolve issue if necessary.

ALL TOURNEY TEAM: Selections will be accepted according to Qualified teams (refer to sheet in packet). PLEASE Notify Director immediately after your final game.

WILD CARD SELECTIONS: A few additional spots MAY be awarded. Nomination form is in your packet.

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