If you have arrived at this page, you have completed your online requirements for the 2021 season.
Registration + Payment

OCSOA requires all OCSOA members to be insured with NASO.

Your information has now been captured, and we will be performing validation of your registration & payment information.  If you have elected to only pay for the OCSOA registration and not the NASO insurance, you will be responsible to update/renew or purchase the insurance through NASO directly.  You can do this directly via their website.  www.naso.org.  OCSOA will not be able to assist you in working with NASO other than performing validation of your account after you have completed the purchase with them.

If you have made your purchase of the insurance inclusive of the registration, Steven Thompson will be submitting payment to NASO on your behalf, and your registration will be setup through OCSOA.  You will receive information directly from NASO a short period of time after payment is submitted to them, and they have performed their requirements to set you up with NASO insurance.

REMINDER – If you already have NASO insurance, you do NOT need to purchase it again, however, it must be current to be assigned any games during the 2021 season.  If you are unsure about the status of your insurance(i.e., expiration date), you can visit the NASO validation site, and check this here.  You will need your NASO #(NO######), and your zip code.  Any question beyond this, you will need to contact NASO directly.

  • Any REGISTRATION/PAYMENT questions, please contact Steven Thompson.
  • Any TECHNICAL related issues, please contact Lyle Dove.