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Insurance Information

Per the requirements of the CIF, I hereby affirm that I have Sport Official’s Liability insurance in force for the 2021 high school softball season that starts prior to February 25, 2021 and ends after June 10, 2021. The requirement is the policy will have a minimum coverage of $1,000,000 (one million dollars). NASO fulfills this requirement. If my policy should expire during the 2020 softball season, I agree to extend coverage for the remainder of the season. If my coverage lapses, any assigned schedule I have will be removed until I have obtained the necessary coverage from NASO again.

Waiver and Conscent Information

I hereby agree to participate as a softball official for the Orange County Softball Officials Association (OCSOA).  I understand that there are certain risks of injury inherent in the officiating of high school softball, as well as in traveling and other related activities incidental to my officiating responsibilities, and I am willing to assume these risks.

I hereby certify that I am fully capable of participating as a softball official and that I am healthy and have no physical or mental disabilities or infirmities that would restrict full participation in these activities, except as listed below. In addition to giving full consent for my participation, I do hereby waive, release, hold harmless OCSOA, its officers, assignor, committee members, and representatives for any injury that may be suffered by me in the normal course of participation as a softball official and the activities incidental thereto, whether the result of negligence or any other cause.

Ethics Information

Officials at an inter-scholastic athletic event are participants in the educational development of high school students.  As such, they must exercise a high level of self-discipline, independence and responsibility.  The purpose of this Code is to establish guidelines for ethical standards of conduct for all inter-scholastic officials.  Officials shall:

  1. Master both the rules of the game and the mechanics necessary to enforce the rules, and shall exercise authority in an impartial, firm, and controlled manner.
  2. Work with each other, their state association and their sections in a constructive and cooperative manner.
  3. Uphold the honor and dignity of the profession in all interaction with student athletes, coaches, athletic directors, school administrators, colleagues, and the public.
  4. Prepare themselves both physically and mentally, shall
    dress neatly and
    appropriately and  shall comport themselves in a manner consistent
    the high standards of the profession.
  5. Be punctual and professional in the fulfilment of all
    contractual obligations.
  6. Remain mindful that their conduct influences the respect
    that student
    athletes, coaches, and the public hold for  the profession.
  7. While enforcing the rules of play, remain aware of the
    inherent risk of
    injury that competition poses to student athletes.  Where
    they shall inform event management of conditions or situations that
    appear unreasonably hazardous.
  8. Take reasonable steps to educate themselves in the
    recognition of
    emergency conditions that might arise during the course of competition.
  9. Support the principles of umpiring with Honor and
    uphold the Six Pillars of Character:
    • Trustworthiness
    • Respect
    • Responsibility
    • Fairness
    • Caring
    • Citizenship