Part 1: Registration How-To


OCSOA for the 2022 season will utilize an online registration system that is fully integrated into the OCSOA website.  Below are the steps required to complete your registration for the 2022 season.  The process has been repeated several times and there are a ‘few’ potential gotcha’s that may occur to some users, but if you follow the directions, it should be completed without issue.  Should you still have issues after following the directions, please contact me and advise and I will get back to you ASAP.

Do not attempt to complete this registration via ‘mobile’ as I will not support it. Please use a PC/MAC with the Google Chrome browser as it is the most stable when working with the OCSOA registration process.

The process is still broken into 2 parts which are the same as the previous years of registration, however, the fees are done as part of an online store integrated into the website.

  • Step1: Visit the OCSOA registration page by clicking in the upper left of the OCSOA website that says ‘register’.

  • Step2: Click the orange button on the page opened that says ‘Open Form Here’.

    ocsoa register

  • Step3: All fields are required.  Please ‘CONFIRM’ that your NASO number is entered correctly in the format ‘NO#####’ where NO is like the word ‘No’.  The password field requires a ‘strong’ password as you are entering it, a bar will appear indicating the strength as shown below.  When the bar turns green, the strength of your password is acceptable.  There is no option to change this as it is a security measure to protect your information.  The confirm password field as well will turn green if it matches the primary password field.

  • Step4: The remaining fields concern your NASO information and completion of the waiver/consent & Ethics forms.  The ‘date’ field utilized to reflect the ‘stop’ date of your NASO insurance will generate a small dropdown calendar.  Change the month and year by selecting the drop down fields and then click on the date for that month/year and the box will close and enter the date selected into the box.  ALL FIELDS ARE REQUIRED.

  • Step5: The ‘E-Signature’ field is just typing the same name you entered at the top of the form.

    e signature

  • Step6: If you fail to complete all the fields, an error will be generated and take you to the top of the page and indicate the qty.

    fail 1

  • Step7: Scroll down the page until you find the highlighted item that requires attention.  In the below example, the field for physical limitations was not filled in.  The ‘None’ in the box is a placeholder and you must actually type in ‘None’ if that is the case.

    fail 2

  • Step8: You will then be redirected to the login screen.  Use either your username you created or your email address for the username field and the password you selected and click Login.
    ocsoa login
    After logging in, the upper left portion of the homepage should show your first and last name.
    login header

  • This completes the ‘Registration’ portion of signup.

Part 2: Payment How-To

  • STEP 9: Visit the OCSOA Shop page to select the ‘registration’ and ‘NASO’ insurance(If Renewing Through OCSOA) items for purchase.  As always, if you already have NASO purchased through another association, you do ‘NOT’ need to purchase it again through OCSOA.  From any page, click ‘Shop’ in the menu bar.

    menu shop

  • STEP 10: On the shop page, you are going to select ‘OCSOA Membership’ at the minimum, and if needed, also Select ‘NASO Membership’ if you are renewing your NASO through OCSOA, or if you wish to have OCSOA Purchase it on your behalf.  Click ‘Add to Cart’ on each item you wish to purchase.
    shop page

  • STEP 11: Once you have added the items into the ‘shopping cart’, you can click ‘view cart’ or scroll to the top, and next to ‘shop’ in the menu, there is a basket with the cart total.
    shop page cart 1


  • STEP 12: On the cart page, you can confirm your selections.  When ready, click on Proceed to Checkout.  This will bring you to the checkout page where you will fill in your billing information.
    checkout page


  • STEP 13: On the checkout page, fill in your billing details, and click the checkbox.  You can then either select ‘PayPal or ‘debit or Credit Card’ for your payment type.  Both are directed to Paypal, however, the ‘PayPal option allows you to use your own Paypal account.
    checkout page billing


  • STEP 14: Once you have completed the registration & payment, your status will be updated on the ‘2022 Registration Status page which is found at the top of this page.

If you have any issues, please contact me via the contact page.