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OCSOA is actively seeking applicants for membership to begin officiating the sport of Softball.

There are no specific requirements for becoming a member of the OCSOA, other than an appreciation of the game of Softball, a desire to learn the officiating profession and an interest in helping our student athletes succeed by being the Arbiter for girls high school softball.

Prior experience as an umpire, while helpful, is not required. We generally hold training programs for members throughout the year.

New members wishing to umpire High School softball must attend the scheduled OCSOA training meetings prior to the start of the HS season. Please check our Calendar for scheduled dates and times. New members are encouraged to attend all meetings, and are also required to attend training classes as well as pass the NFHS test. As new members gain experience, they will be assigned to high school varsity games at various levels.

Umpires transferring from other associations or states may be assigned high school varsity games depending on their level of experience and performance, as determined by the Board.

How do I become an official with OCSOA?

The following items are required to become an OCSOA official.

  1. Pay the unit membership fee.
  2. Provide Sports Liability Insurance through NASO. (This can be purchased through OCSOA)
  3. Have access to a computer and/or smartphone daily to be able to accept assignments through
  4. Have the proper equipment to officiate a High School Softball game.
  5. Complete & PASS required NFHS training quizzes and test(s).
  6. Attend either OCSOA’s mechanic’s training class, or attend a USA Softball Rules/Mechanics Clinic.
  7. Complete the online application by clicking the button below.

Membership FAQ's

A: You should estimate that one complete uniform (shirt, hat, pants, plate/base shoes, ball bag, indicator, brush) will cost you approximately $200 – $250.  Here are the basic NHFS uniform requirements.

For Fast Pitch, you will also need to invest an additional $250-$300 in protective equipment including mask, chest protector, shin guards, plate shoes, plate pants. (Used equipment is often available via online sources (i.e., CraigsList, eBay, etc) if you need to manage expenses until you get established.  Some members have excess equipment for sale as well that would be an option for new officials.)

The minimum protection required per the NFHS rules is a facemask, however, serious injury could occur if you were to not utilize all the available protection recommended.

The initial investment will be recovered within a couple of weeks of working games.

A: You should carry both personal medical and personal liability insurance.

Medical insurance should cover any injuries you may sustain while working.

Liability insurance(NASO) protects you, and your assets, in situations where you are named in legal action(s) that may be brought against you.

There is an excellent explanation of the liability insurance issue on the NASO website.

A: High School games are played in the late afternoon, evenings or weekends. Weekday games usually start around 3:15pm, and are completed in about 2 hours.

A: First, have a conversation with one of our board members, who can get an idea of your knowledge of the game. You’ll be mentored, offered various training clinics throughout the year, and given the tools you need to be successful.

A: Send an email to Someone will get back to you within a few days to answer your questions and get you on the road to having a lot of fun and making a few bucks at the same time.

A: OCSOA annual dues are currently $75(2020) through the normal registration time-frame.  You will also need to provide proof of sporting insurance, which OCSOA requires NASO.  The cost through OCSOA is currently $84.00.

A: OCSOA assigns games based upon performance and not years of service (seniority). New umpires generally start out calling Freshman/JV games and advance to higher levels based upon their performance. If you have prior experience at higher levels (college, etc.) or are transferring from another organization, the board may approve a schedule of higher-level games based upon that experience. The bottom line is that your experience may have some bearing on your assignments, but it really depends on your performance as an umpire.


Uniform Suppliers

There are various locations to acquire uniforms that will fulfill the requirements for NFHS softball.  Here are a few retailers that can provide you the initial equipment.  All equipment is NON LOGO’d.  A NFHS patch can be purchased through OCSOA.

Uniforms & equipment

OfficialGear from USA Softball

NFHS Uniform requirements

Here are the requirements for an NFHS uniform.


  1. Powder Blue Short Sleeve shirt.  The piping should be black & white stripes.  (An NFHS Patch must be applied to the left sleeve of the shirt ~2-4″ from the bottom of the sleeve.)
  2. Heather Grey slacks.  Recommend ‘western cut’ style.
  3. Navy Blue Fitted Cap with no lettering
  4. Navy Blue Ball Bag (s) with no lettering
  5. Black shoes with no non-black marking’s
  6. Navy Blue Jacket (Pullover or Zipper)  (A NFHS Patch may be applied to the left breast area of the jacket)
  7. Black Belt
  8. Black or Navy socks
  9. White short sleeve undershirt.
  10. Indicator
  11. Plate Brush
  12. No jewelry is to be worn other than a Wedding ring or Medical ID.

Additional Resources

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